Community Pharmacies

Our goal is to deliver the best pharmacy value without sacrificing the quality of care prized by our patients. NuCara owns and manages over 20 full-service community based pharmacies in Iowa, Texas, Illinois, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Several of our retail sites specialize in Compounding Prescription Services (customized medications). With a high priority on customer care, one-on-one patient counseling and medication management, NuCara's community pharmacies deliver quality health care to patients; from infants to seniors.

Nufill Medication Program


A medication program designed to synchronize refills on a monthly basis. A convenient and timesaving service available to all our patients!

Why make multiple stops to the pharmacy when you can coordinate all your refills to fill at the same time each month?

Sign Up Is Easy!

1. Sign up at the pharmacy for this free program.
2. Work with pharmacist to determine preferred fill cycle.
3. The pharmacist will work with your doctor’s office and insurance
company to coordinate your refills.
4. Once the refill cycle is set, you will receive a routine reminder call for pick up or delivery.

For even more improved efficiency try Nufill PLUS!

Do you or your family member have trouble keeping track of all the medications? Let the pharmacists at NuCara help! For only a small fee, all medications are packaged in weekly, bi-monthly or monthly planners. Delivered right to your door!*

This program also includes an annual comprehensive medication review!

*Restrictions may apply.

NuRewards Program


The NuRewards card provides the savings and convenience you need most from a pharmacy.  As a cardholder you will earn one point for each dollar spent on the purchase of all merchandise.  NuCara Pharmacy always strives to provide what our customers deserve most: quality patient care at affordable prices.  Now we can offer even more with our NuCara NuRewards program. Visit our website to view current point balance, recent purchases, certificates issued,and redeemed.

If you have questions or would like more information about NuCara Pharmacy, contact [email protected] to find a NuCara Pharmacy near you.